Should The #2 Horse Be Thinking “Big Picture”?

Once a Kentucky Derby winner is established, it is the job/goal/duty of the rest of the field to stop the winner’s quest for Triple Crown glory.

And our resident insider, One For All, says this year is playing out almost identical to 2015.

“The similarities with last year are unbelievable,” says One For All. “We all know that American Pharoah won. Many of us can recall that Firing Line ran second. Firing Line really was American Pharoah’s only competition going into the Preakness, and the best shot at stopping American Pharoah’s Triple Crown bid.”

The Preakness did not go well for Firing Line, stumbling out of the gate. He never contended. And, of course, American Pharoah went on to win…along with winning the Belmont a few weeks later.

“I always wondered what would have happened if Firing Line had skipped the Preakness and rested a few more weeks,” One For All questioned. “He could have raced American Pharoah at the Belmont, and had a shot at stopping the Triple Crown win.”

One year later, Nyquist is the new American Pharoah. Exaggerator is the new Firing Line.

So One For All has a question for handicappers and lovers of horse racing: is there anybody else who thinks Exaggerator should take this weekend off, and rest up to face Nyquist at the Belmont on June 11th?

“I don’t know why these guys aren’t trying to stop Nyquist,” One For All says. “This could be another mistake that leads us to another Triple Crown winner.”

So, what do you think?

Should Exaggerator have sat out of today’s race?

Beating the Favourite

There’s a certain kind of gambler at the racetrack that isn’t there just to win the race. They are there to win money. They aren’t interested in winning with 2-to-1 odds. They thrive on the long shots: find that one horse to beat the favourite and cash in a big ticket.

So if you are trying to beat the favourite, Nyquist, in the Kentucky Derby today, which horse is up to the task?

A horse racing insider, going by the name of One For All (after his favourite racehorse in the 1970s), has made his prediction for the 2016 Kentucky Derby.

“There are favourites I’ve hated,” says One For All, “but Nyquist isn’t one of them. He could certainly win, but I’m just trying to beat him.”

Who Can Beat Nyquist?

One For All says that there are a lot of different angles to consider when trying to find Saturday’s winner. After handicapping the race all week, One For All laid out his main reasons why he is betting Gun Runner to win at the Kentucky Derby.

#1. Gun Runner is 4/4 on a fast track.

#2. Gun Runner has won at Churchill Downs before.

#3. Gun Runner has improving beyers – every race has gotten better.

#4. Gun Runner’s second last workout was a monster.

#5. If you like a good “story”, it was announced just two weeks ago that Gun Runner’s trainer, Steve Asmussen, will be inducted into the National Museum of Racing’s Hall of Fame. On top of that, Asumussen’s wife, Julie, was told by doctors in March that she is “cancer-free” after battling neck and throat cancer since last September. The stars seem to be aligning for this Hall of Fame trainer.

You can take One For All’s advice, or you can sit back and watch to see how it all plays out. But if he is right – be sure to check back to see what he has to say for the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes later this summer.

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