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Happy birthday, Colin!

Colin turns 11 on March 9th. He told his mom that he didn’t want a birthday party because he didn’t have any friends. So his mother created a Facebook page for Colin! People can go there and send him birthday wishes. It’s a surprise. She will show Colin on his birthday! Gotta love moms who would do anything for their kids…and you’ve gotta love the hundreds of thousands of people who have written Colin birthday messages on the Facebook page!!

Here’s to hoping that Colin never forgets his 11th birthday!

Could YOU do it?

I love that show on ABC called “What Would You Do?” In most of the scenarios they showcase, I always say to myself: yes! I would do that! I would stand up for the victim! I would do the right thing!

Check out this story about a boy who risks his own life to save a fawn!

I love deer! They are my favourite animal. But if I’m being honest with myself…I don’t think I could do what that boy did. I HOPE that I would. I HOPE that I have that courage and compassion inside of me. But in this instance, I’m not sure I could do it! Could you?

Leave your comments below.

Thanks, Moms!

As Olympic athletes prepare for Sochi 2014, Proctor & Gamble have released another great ad showing that behind every great athlete is an amazing mother. I’ve included the ad within my blog post. We all have dreams, but more often than not moms give up their dreams to focus on the dreams of their children. And it doesn’t take long for our kids’ dreams to become OUR dreams. Here I am crying again….